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Recruit the Best Salespeople

Recruiting Tools & Questionnaires (for a servicing team member) - A companion to the Can They Sell book

What's in the Field Manual?

The Can They Sell Field Manual for a Servicing Team Member helps you measure the 5 dimensions of "The Best Salesperson Profile". The 6 reprintable tools found in the field manual (a downloadable file) include:

  • Matching Score Sheet
  • Interview Checklist
  • Phone Screen Questionnaire
  • Initial Interview Questionnaire
  • Reference Check Questionnaires
  • Interview by Team Member Questionnaire

By purchasing and downloading the Field Manual, you will always have the 6 necessary reprintable tools on hand to assist you in the recruiting process. Purchase the Can They Sell Field Manual, follow the process outlined in the book, use the tools, and learn how to separate the best from the rest. You will increase ramp up time, first year production, and retention of new recruits. Now, go recruit the best!

*The field manual is an individual license for a single computer and cannot be shared without copyright infringement.

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